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Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP is a comprehensive law firm with expertise in Premarital Planning and Prenuptial Agreements as well as Dissolution and Divorce.

Divorce with Integrity

We have heard it said that family law, not criminal law, is the most dangerous field of legal practice. The emotional volatility of the parties and the psychological toll that a divorce, custody battle, or spousal support hearing may cause are just a couple of the reasons that family law, and the attorneys that practice it, are often viewed as uncooperative, highly litigious, and emotionally draining.

While all cases require a high level of attention to each client’s needs and goals, effective legal representation in a divorce case does not equate to pulverizing another party with questionable legal tactics. We like to think of ourselves as not just legal representatives, but confidantes and counselors. Dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership is stressful enough, so we feel we add value by helping you to help finalize a divorce while keeping your integrity.

San Francisco Divorce Attorneys

The end of a marriage and/or partnership is often devastating and naturally, many clients experiencing a divorce want to talk about the breakdown in their relationship and the resulting consequences. Active listening from the beginning of representation is key to developing respect and understanding in our attorney/client relationships. We do not practice law with an attitude of “your attorney knows best.” Each client brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding and insights into their particular situation that we help channel into an effective resolution.

It is natural for parties to place blame, whether on their spouse, partner, or themselves, for the breakdown in the relationship. While California recognizes “no-fault” divorces, it is impossible to completely separate the reasons the marriage/partnership broke-down from the process of legally dissolving the relationship. We strive to keep our clients focused on resolution with as little litigation as possible when possible. Of course, property division, spousal support, and custody issues often require aggressive positions; but positive negotiation with out strong-arm legal tactics often keeps the conflict and emotional distress from escalating, with a major bonus of keeping legal fees down.

A key element to achieving a divorce proceeding with integrity is honesty. We expect honesty from our clients. We realize that trust is built over time, and clients are asked to put a lot of trust in us to advise them in what can be a very volatile, yet delicate situation. However, we approach each divorce with a guiding principal that honesty really is the best policy. Only with that honesty, and a goal toward effective, meaningful resolution, can we achieve divorce with integrity.