Alan Roberts

Born in Panama City, Panama (the son of a Veteran who served in the Korean War and who was also a cartographer for the Army) Alan was raised in historic Manassas, Virginia. At age 35 he decided to pursue a higher education and at the age of 40 acquired his BALS degree with a concentration in Art and Culture from Georgetown University. During this time he was also a full-time Alumni Records Clerk with Georgetown University.

He relocated to San Francisco in September 2000. For the first five years Alan was a Billing Accountant for an international law firm and then decided to pursue a passion of his. He enrolled in the San Francisco Culinary Academy’s baking and pastry curriculum and received his Baking and Pastry Certification in 2006. Ultimately he returned to legal billing as a Billing Clerk with another international law firm where he remained for ten years. He joined Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP as their Billing Manager in December 2017.

Outside of work Alan still pursues his baking passion specializing in cake baking, designing and decorating which he does for friends. He is also frequently seen in the choral ensemble of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, as well as main-stream operas, which are produced by the Lamplighters Music Theatre in S.F. where he’s been consistently involved since 2012.